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Skills & Experience

Community Outreach



Directing and contributing to initiatives and processes within the layers of the community or target areas.


Integrating core values, integrity, and accountability throughout the community

and business sectors.


Understanding and facilitating information with which to contribute to the overall

goal and outcome.


Managing interactions and facilitating public engagement, while providing communication outlets that the community can take advantage of.


Providing insight and guidance to organizational stakeholders.


Interpreting information with which to make strategic decisions and recommendations.


Valuing and considering the perspectives and backgrounds of all parties.



Effectively providing information to all stakeholders.

Government & Public Relations

”For over ten years, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Theresa Martinez and can attest to the level of dedication she has for her work and for the community. Beyond my professional relationship while at the Orange County Board of Supervisors, Theresa also served as a mentor who demonstrated great communication and organizational skills.”

--Janet Nguyen, Senator, Thirty-Fourth District California State Legislator

“Your professionalism and deep experience engaging with our City’s communities is what motivated me to invite you to participate in the Measure M campaign. Your efforts to promote the benefits of a significant investment in our transportation infrastructure had an important and lasting impact.”


Eric Garcetti

Mayor, City of Los Angeles

“Thanks for the help in Santa Ana.  The street walk was terrific. We need to do more of these. The people were very warm and responsive. Let's work together for the good of America.”

All my best. George W. Bush, May 4, 2000

(An excerpt from a handwritten note to Ms. Martinez, after being selected to give then, Presidential Candidate, George W. Bush a tour of Santa Ana during his campaign stop.)

WHY Community Connections?

  • More than 100 years collectively working on major transportation and infrastructure projects.

  • Ethnically, linguistically, geographically, and culturally diverse - “Not just Multi-Cultural, but Multi-Capable.”

  • Innovative GIS mapping approach, 3D&4D Animation & AR/Augmented Reality (Interactive Hologram).

  • Proven track record successfully managing public outreach programs (Fun & Innovative with Partners across Los Angeles).

  • Skilled Program Management - providing program specific information.

  • A robust team of outreach professionals built for excellence and speed.

  • Innovative methods and solutions to program challenges.

  • We Believe that it is our job to disseminate information and achieve consensus even in the most politically charged environments.

  • We Believe there is no better team of local individuals who will cohesively work with your team to engage the community and build consensus.

  • Our Team is Highly Respected within Los Angeles with our elected officials, stakeholders, and the community.

  • Loyalty in Los Angeles with a Connection to each Community for the Project.

  • Your task will be our Number ONE Priority!

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